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WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN AUSTRALIA Meenakshi Arora 22 August 2014 . ... Victoria, Melbourne and regional Victoria, 1991–2051 Background Source: Department of ... Dr Meenakshi Arora. Senior Lecturer in environmental engineering, Department of Infrastructure Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Melbourne. Research profile Meenakshi Dr. Meenakshi Arora Lecturer, Environmental Engineering Department of Infrastructure Engineering University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC-3010, Australia Ph. +61-3-8344 6644 (o), +61-0401914420 (M) E mail: [email protected] Fighting drought with innovation: Melbourne’s response to the Millennium Drought in Southeast Australia Kathleen G. Low,1 Stanley B. Grant,1,2,3 Andrew J. Hamilton,4,5 Kein Gan,6 Jean-Daniel Saphores,1,7,8 Meenakshi Arora3 and David L. Feldman8,9,∗ The Millennium Drought in Southeast Australia forced greater Melbourne, a city Dr Meenakshi Arora is a Senior Lecturer and E Learning coordinator in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering at The University of Melbourne. She teaches Water and Waste Water Management, Groundwater Hydrology and supervises Masters and PhD students. Dr Arora has extensive experience in water resource management research and teaching. Dr Meenakshi Arora, University of Melbourne research fellow for chemical and biomolecular engineering and a supporter of fluoridation, told a press conference on the subject: “It definitely and significantly reduces the risk of dental caries.